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Here you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions about in general as well as everything about taxes, health insurance, rents and electricity prices.

Your little guide on the cost of living in Switzerland!

You can compare up to a maximum of three municipalities with one calculation. To do this, click on "Add comparative residence".
Of course, it is also possible to calculate only one municipality. works with all (over 2000) municipalities in Switzerland.

No. Absolutely not!

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The system in Switzerland is decentralised and leaves a lot of room for manoeuvre to the cantons and municipalities. The "polluter pays" principle is also very important here, which is why areas with high health care/illness costs pay correspondingly higher health insurance premiums locally.

The differences (relevant for this calculator) are:

  • In addition to the federal government, each canton and each municipality levies taxes individually (each with its own tax rates).
  • Regional differences in rents
  • Health insurance premiums differ from canton to canton and sometimes within a canton.
  • The electricity market is highly regulated and monopolised. Nevertheless, the individual operators generate/trade electricity differently, which results in enormous price differences depending on the municipality.